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Robert L. "Bob" Bailey
Retired Semiconductor Executive and Independent Venture Investor

Mr. Bailey is a retired semiconductor executive. He served as the Chairman of PMC-Sierra, Inc., a leading provider of broadband communications and storage semiconductor technologies from May 2005 until May 2011 and from February 2000 until February 2003. He was a director of PMC-Sierra from October 1996 to May 2011 and served as their President and Chief Executive Officer from July 1997 to May 2008. Mr. Bailey served as President, Chief Executive Officer and director of PMC-Sierra, Ltd., PMC's Canadian operating subsidiary, from December 1993 to July 1997. Mr. Bailey was previously employed by AT&T-Microelectronics (now known as Agere Systems) from August 1989 to November 1993, where he served as Vice President and General Manager. Prior to that, he held various management positions at Texas Instruments from June 1979 to August 1989. Mr. Bailey is also a director of Micron Technology, Inc., a provider of advanced semiconductor memory solutions.

Mr. Bailey was named "CEO of the Year" by Electronic Business in 1999, and was ranked as one of the "Top Ten CEOs of 2000" by Investor's Business Daily. He received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bridgeport, and received a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Dallas. He also attended Stanford Business School's AEA Executive Training.