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Entropic Communications Seeds European Service Providers With MoCA Ethernet-to-Coax Adapters and Set-Top Boxes
Building Upon Its Success With North American Service Providers, Entropic Brings MoCA, the De-facto Wired Home Networking Technology, to Europe as the Best Way for Extending Broadband Connectivity Throughout the Home

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Sept. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IBC2012, Entropic Meeting Suite G106/107 -- Entropic Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENTR), a world leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected home, announced today multiple Ethernet-to-Coax Adapters (ECAs) are using its MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax) silicon and software to support service providers throughout Europe. At this week's IBC2012, at the RAI Amsterdam in Meeting Suite – G106/107, the Company is showing new Entropic-powered ECAs from Asheridge Communications and Hirschmann Multimedia BV, as well as the Entropic-enabled Samsung MoCA-based gateway that is being deployed for a major European service provider this year.

Availability of Entropic-based ECAs shortly follows the Multimedia over Coax Alliance's June 2012 announcement that MoCA technology is now being trialed by six service providers in Europe. The strong interest for MoCA in Europe comes at a time when MoCA is increasingly being perceived by service providers worldwide as the most reliable in-home wired communication backbone for a hybrid home network that is required to handle an ever-increasing variety of media services and applications. This finding coupled with Infonetics Research's June 2012 Home Networking Device report, recognizes "MoCA-embedded set-top boxes, FTTB optical network terminals, coax-Ethernet adapters and Wi-Fi broadband routers are driving growth in the home networking device market."

The growth of tablets and other devices in the home has created a need for additional connectivity options to ensure a reliable whole-home wired backbone network. Infonetics expects a cumulative $43 billion to be spent on home networking devices over the five years from 2012 to 2016 to meet service provider home networking needs.

ECAs and STBs that include Entropic's MoCA technology enable consumers to enjoy new home networking services like streaming video-on-demand, multi-room DVR (mDVR) and catch-up TV as well as provide the best possible experience when streaming over-the-top content from services like Netflix, LoveFilm, and BBC, among other providers.

Supporting Quotes

  • Al Servati, vice president, Marketing, Connectivity Products Group at Entropic Communications: "Europe is following the same path as the U.S. with respect to increases in HD attach rates, convergence of broadcast and IP video, and growth in DVR penetration and usage. As the number of TVs per household rise in Europe, we believe the ECA market will represent the first wave of MoCA-enabled solutions for service provider networks. This will be followed by MoCA being incorporated into cable modems, routers, gateways/clients among other devices."
  • Jason Dando, business development manager at Asheridge: "With the Internet in most homes being shared and used for different purposes by different family members in different rooms, the strains and consistency placed on Wi-Fi and other home networking transport solutions are immense. The echoBox, based on Entropic's MoCA silicon and software, uses a media-centric model where demands can be placed upon it in various rooms without any detriment to the signal quality, ensuring the media in the living room works as smoothly as it does in the bedroom, kitchen and study."
  • Eric van den Boogaard, chief commercial officer, Hirschmann Multimedia B.V.: "We expect the demand for MoCA-based peripherals to continue to increase globally as operators roll-out new entertainment services that require high-end in-home networking devices. Our new Hirschmann ECA dramatically increases the speed and performance at which multimedia content can be shared room-to-room, providing consumers an unparalleled user experience."

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